Let’s Get Excited About College Planning

On May 19, 2014 by Rebecca Whyte

Admission Crew

Spring is in the air, graduation is approaching, and the Stratford School community is beginning to reminisce on all of our students’ accomplishments over the past school year. Stratford as a whole has raised over $100,000 for various local and national charities, many of our sports teams have made it to the playoffs, a number of students have won first place awards in geography and spelling bees, as well as first and second place awards in lego and robotics competitions (to name a few), a number of our students have been featured in news articles and commercials, and we’re proud of our students’ high scores on SAT and ACT placement tests. Overall – we’re enjoying our continued learning and growth!

You might say, “Wow – those are some amazing accomplishments! Now seems like a good time to relax and revel in your joy! Believe it or not, while there’s a great deal to be thankful for, our work is not done! For many of our students, now is a very important time for considering next steps – especially for 8th graders undergoing “college planning.” It’s normal to feel a bit of anxiety and stress when navigating the maze of college planning, so we’ve decided to be proactive in helping our families to ease this stress. We’re finding ways to get the very most out of this exciting, opportunistic time!

The Stratford Edge, Stratford School’s after school academic enrichment program for students in grades K-12, and their partner, Admission Crew, a highly personalized college counseling service with an outstanding track record of college acceptances, will now be offering college counseling sessions to Bay Area students.

Upcoming college counseling sessions will be held at the Stratford School, Santa Clara – Pomeroy campus in the auditorium, and will be offered to all Stratford Edge SAT and ACT test prep students, and Stratford school 8th grade students – as well as Stratford School 8th grade graduates from the past two years. These sessions are also open to the public, and you need not be a Stratford School student or graduate to attend.

During these sessions, students will learn:

  • How to plan effectively for college, beginning as early as 8th grade
  • Tips on course selection, including AP and honors courses, extra-curricular activities, and community service
  • How to enjoy and get the very most out of the high school experience

Please check our website for Upcoming College Counseling Sessions.

Additionally, the Stratford Edge will offer group SAT and ACT test prep courses with experienced teachers during summer months, an ideal time for high school students to prepare for important standardized tests within a highly customized academic environment. 1:1 sessions will be offered throughout the school year.

“We are delighted The Stratford Edge now offers the complete enrichment package. Students can select individualized programs ranging from 1:1 enrichment sessions, high school and college test prep, preview and review sessions for honors and AP classes, and now with our new partnership with Admission Crew, college planning! All backed by the Stratford commitment to quality!” Katrin Kelbert, Director of Operations, New School Initiatives and Upper School.

The Founder of Admission Crew, Archana Sudame, Ph.D., and her associates, Trish Boisseree and Ranna Patel, believe that every student is unique, and that no two individuals have the exact same demands or aspirations. “When advising students, one size does not fit all. Admission Crew takes pride in being holistic, practical, and taking a customized approach to helping students and their families navigate the maze of college planning.” Archana Sudame, Ph.D., Founder of Admission Crew.

The Stratford Edge is designed to go beyond the basics of tutoring by inspiring students to achieve their potential through customized programs, individualized instruction, and academic enrichment opportunities. Stratford School’s talented teachers, as well as expert tutors who share Stratford’s vision of academic excellence, nurture intellectual curiosity in each student.

Stratford School is an independent private school founded on the belief that education is a significant influence in the life of a child. Stratford offers preschool through eighth grade, with an accelerated curriculum – particularly in the areas of mathematics and language arts – that incorporates music, art, science, technology, and physical education. Academically, Stratford School students score around the 90th percentile on the Stanford Achievement Test, Tenth Edition (SAT 10).

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