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Wow – that’s a lot of treats! Hopefully this gives our troops a little something to be thankful for this holiday season!

Girl Scout Daisy Troop #60472, consisting of seven current and three former Stratford School students, collected an impressive 135lbs of candy this Halloween season to be sent around the world to our military troops!

Treats for Troops is a Girl Scout program which gives its members and community residents the opportunity to participate in a drive to spread holiday cheer – and more importantly – to thank our troops for protecting and serving our great nation. While no amount of candy can truly thank our troops enough, who doesn’t appreciate a little chocolate treat every once in a while?

Stratford School, Girl Scout Daisy Troup #60472 participate in Treats for Troops, Fall 2013

Stratford School Students
Girl Scout Daisy Troop #60472
Nivaaz D. – 1st grade
Ella M. – 1st grade
Claire L. – 1st grade
Naveli S. – 1st grade
Katherine M. – Pre K (Honorary Daisy)
Not Pictured:
Nicole K. – 1st grade
Sophie L. – 3rd grade (Junior Leader)
Former Students:
Brooke G.
Chloe L.
Ariya P.

“The candy was donated to various organizations including Blue Star Moms and Operation Care and Comfort. These organizations then kit the candy along with other items into care packages, which are sent to active military around the world,” says Heather Shermer Lord, Troop Leader and mother of Stratford School students Sophie and Claire.

Maggie Powers did a wonderful job spearheading this years candy collection; she is the mother of Stratford School students Katherine and Ella.In addition to giving thanks, participating in Treats for Troops is a terrific opportunity to teach our children the importance of moderation! So often many of us overdue our sweet treat consumption during the months of November and December. So let’s enjoy – but not overly indulge, and remember “moderation in all things, especially moderation!” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Our Stratford students are growing up fast and we’re very happy to say we are proud of the young people and community members they are becoming. Here’s a quote from one of our students who participated in Treats for Troops this year:

“The people in my neighborhood were nice and gave me so many treats. Also, they thanked me for doing this for our troops. My next-door neighbor Marc said ‘I’m so proud of you, Nicole!’ I was very happy to hear that.” – Nicole K. 1st Grade.

A Stratford School students letter to friends and family requesting participation in Treats for Troops, Fall 2013.
If you participated in Treats for Troops or another candy drive please comment and share your experience with us, and don’t forget to give a shout-out to any troops you personally know and love! 

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