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Yelp: 3/21/2013

My son attends full day preschool here and we couldn’t be more pleased with Stratford.  His teachers, Ms. Kim and Ms. Noushin, are wonderful.  It is clear that they understand how to make learning fun in a structured environment.  They are always happy and positive and I feel my son is being nurtured and given the perfect amount of responsibility for his age.  It is heartwarming to know how much Ms. Hernandez and Ms. M love the kids and it shows in their every interaction.  My child is happy, learning, creating awesome art, singing, and making friends.  Stratford is the best and we are looking forward to our younger son joining Stratford next year.

Great Schools: 2/8/13

This school is amazing! My kindergartened loves the school and looks forward to going everyday. The difference? The curriculum is really keeping up with the times (Parent loves this)  BUT in a Fun way (Child loves this) Right balance of Academics (Parent loves this) and PE (child loves this) Very open culture of meeting and getting along with Teachers (parent loves this) and has enough fun events in the classroom to get togther (child loves this) Right balance of one-to-one attention (child loves this) without being spoilt/ pampered (parent loves this) Diverse people / very friendly managment, always appraochable, no-attitude tantrums, very inclusive in child’s growth (Everybody loves this!) Stratford is a blessing in Pleasanton!

Great Schools: 1/17/13

Stratford Pomeroy is an amazing environment for any child to be in! The teachers are caring and have each childs safety as their top priority, the students and fantastic and the principals and the best I’ve ever encountered!!!! My son has grown so much since starting there and I know  that with their teachings he will soar through life and accomplish great things…..                   

Yelp: Posted 11/16/12

Our daughter just started in the beginning of this school year as a 7th grader and this has been the greatest experience for her.  As a parent, we had so many concerns and one of which was whether it would be the right environment for her.  But she fit right in and made a friends.  She loves going to school everyday and enjoys every single subject especially all the specialty classes and clubs (Drama, Speech & Debate, Computer, Math Club, Spanish, etc…).  The teachers here are top-notched and very caring.  Due to the smaller class sizes, teachers have more one-on-one quality time with students.  The amount of homework is just right if students spread it out through out the week.  I always look forward to picking her up every afternoon just to hear about all the exciting news that went on during her day which she describes with enthusiasm.  She has never been happier and we feel so blessed.  We wished we had known about this school earlier.  We strongly suggest other parents to check it out. From a caring parent

Great Schools: Posted 10/2/12

Our experience with Stratford has been quite rewarding. We were still seeking that Special environment where we knew our kids would grow & be challenged yet rewarded in their formative years. We were quite happy to see the attention to detail in the many ways that the Teachers & Principals looked after our little ones both from the curriculum and approach to teaching. They made it fun & motivating in the classrooms that our 2 young ones were looking forward to going to school daily. We feel this way of education imbibed in their Program encourages a Lifelong passion for learning and pushing their minds & imagination.  We find the Stratford curriculum well rounded and all subjects have something in common therefore making the learning experience more fun and rewarding!                   

Great Schools: Posted 9/18/12

Been at Stratford the past 3 years (Pre-K, K & now 1st grade). We’re absolutely thrilled with the curriculum, teachers, office staff, etc. Aside from the core classes, the curriculum includes: computer class, art, music, Spanish, & PE, each with their own specialized teachers. Homework & parental involvement is required, but there’s no homework on weekends.  Holidays are celebrated, cultures are celebrated, and moral & character building is incorporated…  Positive reinforcement techniques are used.  Class size is not larger than 22 & the Santa Clara campus goes through 8th grade — major plus.  I would say this is a somewhat academic school and when researching schools some parents thought it would be too challenging, but I disagree.  My son is young for his class and is at the top of his class.  There is something said about challenging young minds and the goal should not be “can my child get 100% in every subject.”  Tuition is pricey, but worth it.  Stratford requires parental involvement so if you are not interested in being involved and want hand-holding start to finish (boarding school) this may not be the school for you. Uniforms are affordable, good quality and cute.                   

Great Schools: Posted 9/10/12

Awesome, Love the school and the staff. Very friendly and work with passion. My second graders still have fond memories of pre-k with the projects and how they learned to read and write which is very reassuring to the parents that they have been nurtured well in school academically and emotionally.     
Great Schools: Posted 9/2/12
Terrific elementary school. The curriculum is easily one grade ahead of comparable grades at local public schools.  A very attractive and compelling alternative to schools such as Challenger. Very approachable and professional principal. Among teachers, Mrs Chadha is especially well organized and kind to kids.   Highly recommended for a well rounded 21st century education.              
Yelp: Posted 8/21/12
I’ve been meaning to write a review on Stratford School for some time now. Actually, it’s been roughly 4 years. This school is one of best, if not the best, elementary school for a child to learn in. My son attended Stratford till 2nd grade with Ms. Larijani. The teaching staff is marvelous and the leadership is amazing. I recommend that you look into Stratford School if you are considering a private school. It is a bit expensive but it is well worth it.      

Great Schools: Posted 8/1/12

My son and I are very happy at the santa Clara Pomeroy campus. All the staff members are sweet, courteous and knowledgable. The principals and office staff are very friendly as well. The change this school year in the administrative team is GREAT. Keep up the great work Pomeroy!                          

Great Schools: Posted 7/17/12

We have been Stratford parents for the last 7yrs and we could not have found better school for our son. Now in Pomeroy middle school, it is almost home away from home for my son. It is not just the academic program, which is excellent, but the after school clubs and care are indeed very good. It has so happened that due to confusion about the pick up, my son had to be in school untill 6:30 and the extended care teacher stayed with him untill he was picked up. Mrs. Gupta is very visible in the campus and is available for the parents whenever needed. We are looking forward to the 7th grade, for another fun-filled learning experience with the best teachers. 

Great Schools: Posted 7/16/12

 My Daughter is in the middle school program and we are very happy with the academics, after school sports and the supervision and safety of this school. My daughter is happy with the teachers and is enjoying learning and working at an advanced level. My husband and I feel really good about the after school programs and the team of after school supervisors. Overall I am thrilled with Ms Gupta’s staff and look forward to my daughter’s 8th grade year.     

Great Schools: Posted 4/5/12   

  This has been a great experience for my daughter. My review is only of the Pre-K/Pre-S program. We love it here. I have seen my child blossom socially, academically and become quite a performer. I have to mention Ms. Kim, Ms. Denise, Ms. Sarita and Ms. Rita: wonderful teachers who work very hard for the kids. They go an extra mile with the school performances. The Music/Spanish/Science programs are great. The school has satisfied my expectations with social development, discipline, academics and cultivating the love of learning. I feel safe with my child here. My oldest was in another campus that does not hold a candle in any way to this one. The subject and extended care teachers are wonderful. There is much creative work in extended care and the “Imaginative Play” session in the morning makes my daughter want to be the first one through the door. If they continued till High School, we would have stayed, but they don’t have it yet. My only gripe here is the  playground equipment – we spend a lot of evenings removing splinters from my daughter’s hands. The teachers and the balanced curriculum is what makes this a great school and I am so happy for the 2 years my child spent here.                                  

 Yelp: 3/4/2012

My son is my first and only child, and we researched public and private schools from Gilroy to Cupertino before he started Kindergarten. My son now attends Stratford kinder, and loves it. The teacher is very attentive and nurturing. She makes sure homework are done correctly, and even the printings are neat and properly formed. They have a spelling and math test every Friday to help kids (and parents) review all the work during the week.
The homework regimen is a bit more rigorous than I expected, but that’s precisely what I appreciate about the school and its programs. It teaches children at a very young age to take responsibility and form a good study habit. It also makes parents take responsibility for their children’s progress. I believe those are essential to children’s long-term success in school and in life.
The principle Ms. Cheryl is very professional and knowledgeable. The school and its many events and activities are so well organized. There are a lot of events. Although it’s hard for me to keep track with my busy schedule, but you can feel the energy and sense of community. It really gets parents involved in their children’s school.
I would highly recommend this school, whether you are looking for private or pubic school. (I just wish they had high schools.)

Great Schools: Posted on Feb 28, 2012

We love the Stratford Santa Clara campus. My daughter has attended this school and campus for the past year-started with Camp Socrates and progressed to enrolling in preschool.   The principal Pam and the teachers are simply superb.  They have made a difference in education for my daughter who loves going to school every day.  It is a great balance of academics with other activities and clubs which provides a well rounded educational foundation that is crucial at this age.  Thank you and pls keep up the excellent support, curriculum, and clubs!

Great Schools: Posted on Feb 18, 2012

My daughter has been going to Stratford since preschool & is now in Kindergarden. She has learned so many things academically & socially. She is always very excited to go to school & looks forward to learning new things. I love hearing about her day & what she’s learned. Its wonderful to see her development….reading, writing & math. Camp Socrates is great in giving them & yourself as a parent some insight as to what in store for the following year. It’s a great way to keep them learn & excited about school during the summer. They offer a 4 & 7 week program. We’ve done both & think they are superb! I would highly recommend this school & their teachers.

Great Schools: Posted on Feb 28, 2012

Both my children went to stratford for preschool and preK and we feel it was a wonderful introduction to school.They got a good foundation in letter recognition,reading and math in a stressfree and fun way.The teachers are very responsible and care for the all round personality development of the children so the children are well behaved,smart,hygenic and responsible. They gain a lot of general knowledge about science .They learn lovely songs and presentation skills through their music class and performances.Parents are closely in the loop about what happens in school.Overall,I was very happy with the stratford AM programs for my children.

Great Schools: Posted January 24, 2012

We visited a few private schools for my 3   year old daughter. When we visited Stratford School early this month, we knew instantly I have found a second home for our baby girl. From the sweet teachers, to the friendly office staff, we have had a great experience so far.  We met the preschool principal and she was very friendly, professional and informative, too. We would definitely recommend the Pomeroy site to our family and friends. Thank you Stratford!  ~Stratford Parent

Great Schools: Posted January 15, 2012

My son and I are very happy at the santa Clara Pomeroy campus. All the staff members are sweet, courteous and knowledgable. The principals and office staff are very friendly as well. The change this school year in the administrative team is GREAT. Keep up the great work Pomeroy!  —Submitted by a parent

Blog:2011/12/10 at 6:29 pm:

My son is in 7th grade at the Santa Clara Pomeroy middle school. He has attended Stratford since he was in preschool.  My son went to the LG campus from preschool to first grade and the attended 2nd through 5th grade at the De Anza Park campus and has been at the SCpomeroy from 6th grade till now.  My experience with ALL the campuses have been the same, EXCELLENT! Stratford is definitly the BEST school and my son couldn’t be happier.  Thanks Stratford for creating a safe, fun, loving and a consistent in teaching at all your campuses.

11/9/2011: Yelp
Our son has attended Stratford for PreK, Jr.K and 2 Camp Socrates summer programs.
We did quite a bit of research before selecting a school and Stratford came out on top.  We like the teachers, small class size, teaching subjects beyond English and math such as music, science, history and spanish.
Thanks Stratford for teaching our son!
Ken B.
San Jose, CA

October 25, 2011: Great Schools
My daughter loves Stratford and just can’t get enough of it. I think there’s a healthy balance of academics and play. I would recommend it to any parent looking for a solid school that your child can grow with.

October 23, 2011: Great Schools
My son started Kindergarten at Stratford School last year and what a difference from his preschool! We loved the school. Leadership is strong and they participate in all activites that they ask their teachers to do. Teachers are kind, caring and hard-working. Students are being challenged academically because they are a year advanced, but the designs of their curriculum are excellent, very smart, meaningful and fun. Classroom is very structured and teachers really know their students’ strengths and weaknesses. I believe that they provide extremely solid fundation for these students’ future learning.

10/17/2011: Yelp
My twins and I love Stratford. This school does not operate like a daycare as many of the other preschools in the area. This school feels organized and offers a well balanced curriculum.  It is amazing how much learning, discovery and play they pack into each day. There are 12 kids in my kids pre-k classroom with one main teacher and separate instructors for Music, Science and Spanish. When my kids come home excited to share their experiences, I know that they are engaged in the school activities. I believe that my twins will have a strong foundation and will be well prepared for kindergarten thanks to Stratford.
Malti M.
Danville, CA

6/24/2011 : Yelp
We love Stratford!  Our daughter completed Preschool, Pre-K and two summers of Camp Socrates here. The faculty and staff are professional, friendly and nurturing. You are greeted every morning by the wonderful security guard at the front of the school. The curriculum is top notch and multifaceted. The children are in a safe, loving, enriching environment. The teachers and staff communicate openly with you. Couldn’t ask for much more. Our daughter can’t wait to start Camp Socrates again this summer!
Marilyn N.
San Francisco, CA








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  • Happy parent

    My son is in 7th grade at the Santa Clara Pomeroy middle school. He has attended Stratford since he was in preschool. My son went to the LG campus from preschool to first grade and the attended 2nd through 5th grade at the De Anza Park campus and has been at the SCpomeroy from 6th grade till now. My experience with ALL the campuses have been the same, EXCELLENT! Stratford is definitly the BEST school and my son couldn’t be happier. Thanks Stratford for creating a safe, fun, loving and a consistent in teaching at all your campuses.

    • stratfordschools

      We are so happy to hear this! Thank you for all your support and kind words. We appreciate it so very much!

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