12. 02. 2013
coat drive

Stratford’s Service Ambassadors – Cookies and Warm Coat Drive

As a frosty chill filled the air this winter, many of us bundled up in our warm coats without thinking twice.  Unfortunately, for some families, having a warm winter coat is hard to...

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08. 02. 2013

Stratford Middle School Wins National Quiz Bowl!

Stratford Santa Clara Middle School went undefeated at the National Academic Quiz Tournament (NAQT)! The competition was held at Bellarmine High School on Saturday. With a record of 7-0 they beat schools such as Challenger, Saint...

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06. 02. 2013
blog 2

Stratford’s Principal Corner – Guest Blogging For a Day!

    Parenting Tip!  Instilling responsibility in a child is not something that can be taught verbally. Nagging will get you nowhere. Responsibility is best taught by setting the example. So often I hear parents...

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29. 01. 2013

A Stratford Student Shines In Community Service!

One of our Jr. K students at our Stratford De Anza Park campus participated in a wonderful charity event this month! On Martin Luther King Day, she and her family bagged items for...

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28. 01. 2013
Cow 1

Hands-On Learning at Stratford School!

Every year, our Stratford Fremont Curtis 3rd grade students dissect cow eyes and the 4th graders dissect cow hearts! Below are pictures from one of the 4th grade classes.  They not only learned about...

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23. 01. 2013

A Frog’s Life Cycle – A 2nd Grade Class Shares

This month, one of our 2nd grade classes at Stratford Fremont Curtis, studied and learned about the life cycles of frogs! .Below you will find classroom notes from their amazing teacher who brought this lesson...

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